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Ensuring that your property in Dallas, Plano or Frisco, TX, has a properly working heating system is essential to making it a comfortable and healthy place to live or work in. In the United States in general, heating constitutes the single largest component of energy usage in homes and business properties. Having a good idea of which heating system is the most appropriate for your property can help you save a lot of money.

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Depending on your property’s architecture, the climate in your location, and your individual needs, there are many heating systems that can truly fit your requirements.

Thankfully, as the premier heating professionals in the Dallas area, Advanced Home Comfort can conduct a home energy audit on your property to help you determine the best ways to address your heating needs. While our team specializes in servicing and installing Trane units, we are more than qualified to handle any type of heating system.

The most basic types of space heating systems we offer are as follows:

Forced air heating systems

In this type of system, heat is distributed throughout the property using heated air. The heat — whether it’s created through electricity, natural gas, boiler, or a hot-water coil — is carried by the air, which is then blown by fans through the duct system and released through vents located in the different areas of the home or building. It is one of the most affordable types of heating systems.

Radiator and convector systems

Radiators and convectors are heating units that act as heat exchangers. A fluid, like water or steam, comes from a central boiler and passes through a series of coils, transferring thermal energy into the room. The coils are usually found in free-standing radiator units or as tubing underneath the floors and walls.

Electric resistance heating systems

Typically composed of electric coils similar to the heating implements of a bread toaster, an electric resistance heating system converts incoming electric energy into heat. The heat rises through vents while the cool air is drawn into the bottom of the heater.

Efficient Heating Solutions for Dallas Area Homeowners

With today’s energy prices continuing to rise, it is important for your space heating system to be as efficient as possible. Never rely on an antiquated or faulty heating system that could be draining; not just your property’s energy, but also your financial resources!

Call us today or send us a message through our contact form, and we’ll be more than happy to let our highly experienced heating professionals check out your system for you. We service Dallas, Highland Park, Plano, Richardson, University Park, Frisco, Health, Rockwall, Wylie, Rowlett, TX and the surrounding areas.

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