Ductless Air Systems/Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation in Dallas, Plano & Frisco

Ductless air systems have been in use for a good while in other countries, and for good reason! Gaining in popularity in the last few years, these impressive systems are starting to show up here quite often. The advantages are easy to define, and we weren’t able to find any down sides.

Every application we considered showed a positive for ductless air systems. For instance, tiny homes: one unit and done. Small homes: A couple of units, and comfort is there. Retrofitting older homes? Well, you won’t be reworking any ductwork. Just put these in the areas where you need air. You can control the created zones quite easily, and if you are only using certain rooms occasionally, then turn these off.

Many manufacturers are using phone apps now, which mean that you can control your home from one place: the palm of your hand. Standalone buildings, such as a garage or shop? Yes, ductless air systems will be perfect. Even business applications, such as offices will benefit from these. If you are living in an area where unwanted home entry could be a problem, get rid of the window units and install a ductless air system. Your windows can now be secured, and nobody will come in through the small three inch hole necessary for this installation.

A ductless mini-split will cool and heat an area and since there is no ductwork for heat or cooling loss, they are actually very efficient. Since ductwork energy loss can account for up to 30% of the total used, the elimination of ductwork can give a payback which will defray the cost of the units rather quickly.

In a study performed in 2006 by the Bonneville Power Association, there were ten sites monitored after the installation of the appropriate ductless air systems. Six of these sites had what we would consider normal, traceable activity. All of the sites were office or retail spaces, with stand-alone structures with well-insulated walls. They were studied under winter heating loads, occupied during normal business hours, five days per week. They were using the ductless minis for at least 90% of the heat produced. These six sites showed an average savings of 485 Kilowatts per year.

A follow-up study in 2008 targeted 2500 single family site-built homes. They metered 92 of the homes with data loggers. This study found average saving of 3000 to 3800 KW hours per year across three climate zones.

In a similar study, over four years between 2007 and 2011, they monitored homes with zonal electric heat. These homes saved 4000 to 4500 Kilowatt hours per year.

These ductless air units are very quiet and unobtrusive. The filters will help control air quality. The temperatures are very stable and consistent, and this helps eliminate hot and cool spots. The aforementioned phone app controls and optional motion sensors to help control cycling are all benefits which make ductless mini-splits a great option for nearly every home or business.

Ductless air systems also have some flexibility in mounting options, and can be used in ceilings or on walls. They are attractive and do not take from the décor.

Some models allow up to four indoor units to run off of one outdoor compressor. We can help you determine how best to meet your needs, and what would be required for your installation. We can look at all the options and tailor your best fit. We also will check for you and see if any energy rebates are available.

Our technicians are highly skilled tradesmen, and we are well qualified to install your units for you. Give us a call today, and let’s see if ductless systems are your answer.

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