Crawlspace Encapsulation, Dallas, TX


Each house is different, but some issues are found in common in the majority of the homes, like, crawlspace fungus, moisture, standing water and rodents.

This Dallas home was not an exception, and those were the main issues that the Homeowner had, he was never comfortable in his own home.


The first photo combines the 4 steps that we’ve taken in order to eliminate the dirt crawlspace from having any further negative impact on the rest of the house.

  1. Isolate the home from the Earth: We installed 20mil Vapor Barrier covering the entire crawlspace floor, walls, and piers and sealed with waterproof tape.
  2. Stop water from entering the crawlspace: A sump pump with drain tile was installed in order to eliminate outside water from entering the crawlspace.
  3. Seal vents and other outside air leaks: We sealed the foundation vents in order to eliminate moisture from entering the crawlspace.
  4. Condition the crawlspace: We then installed a dehumidifier to help pull out any ongoing moisture and condition the space.

Old ductwork, not delivering comfortable air temperatures since it was not sealed at the attachment points and was damaged by rodents.

20mil Vapor barrier, Dehumidifier and Sump Pump were the key to Comfort in this home.

Ductwork was replaced since the old duct was in bad shape.