Attic Renovation in Lakewood, TX

Home Attic Renovation Challenge

This homeowner located in Lakewood, Texas was looking to make their home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and needed more storage space in their attic. The home was experiencing a lot of air leakage and low levels of attic insulation causing the heating unit to run constantly without making a difference and causing their home to be uncomfortable.

Attic Repair in Lakewood, TX

The Advanced Home Comfort team started by removing the old insulation, sealing the spots with air leaks, and blowing in new Cellulose insulation. We also installed a Super Deck with 4-inch SilverGlo foam boards under the decking to create the necessary R-value (Resistance to heat).

Lakewood Project Summary

Home Comfort Specialist: Julio Pablos

This photo shows the attic of the Lakewood home before we installed the new deck.

Before Picture of a Wooden Attic Deck with Holes

This is the old decking that was causing air leaks and decreasing the energy efficiency.

Custom Wooden Attic Deck with Holes in Dallas

After sealing all the air leakage areas and blowing in new Cellulose insulation, we installed this new deck with 4 inch SilverGlo foam boards to ensure the creation of the necessary R-value.

New Wooden Deck installed in Dallas

Now this Lakewood homeowner has good storage space and doesn’t have to worry about air leakage or home comfort!

Wooden Attic Deck Installation in Dallas

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