Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC

This FAQ page is a supplement page to our main HVAC maintenance page.

Q: What does HVAC mean?

HVAC is an abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

Q: How often should you change your furnace filter?

While circumstances such as if you have pets or allergies can heavily influence how often you should change your furnace filter, in general you should replace your filter every month that you are running your sustem on a regular basis. It is also better to replace your furnace filter more regularly with an inexpensive filter than to wait longer and use one of the more expensive and restrictive filters which can possibly create unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Q: Do I need to be concerned with indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality can be up to 100x worse than outdoor air quality according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Indoor air quality can be dramatically improved and help keep your family safe, so yes every homeowner should be very concerned about their indoor air quality.

Q: Should I replace my air conditioning/heating system?

Great question. If your existing HVAC system is in constant need of repair, is inefficient and thus costing you excessive expense on your energy bills, and/or just delaying the many benefits that a new system could provide you and your family than the answer is yes…you most definitely should replace your system. However, if you just need a tune-up on a recent system, then the answer is probably no and you would be wise to invest in a preventative maintenance agreement instead.

Q: Where do I get replacement parts?

Dallas HVAC Parts is your best source.

Q: Brand decisions. Size decisions. How am I suppose to figure out which air conditioning system to get to give me the biggest benefit for my home?

Excellent question! Air conditioning sizing is calculated by by performing a “Manual J heat load calculation.” You can risk figuring it out yourself or prevent a lot of frustration and expense down the road by consulting with the NATE Certified experts of Advanced Home Comfort. Contact us now for a free in home review of your needs.

As for brand, we sell and service all kinds of popular brands, but we are partial to Trane air conditioners for their rich features, competitive pricing, and reliability.

Q: Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

If done correctly, air duct cleaning is definitely worth it. Hayfever and allergies affect over 41 million people in the U.S., so air duct cleaning is valuable solution for these people and anyone concerned about respiratory health.

At Advanced Home Comfort, we employ source removal methods of cleaning which goes beyond sticking a big vacuum in your air ducts and hoping for the best. We perform “air duct scrubbing” with over 200psi air pressure to rid your air ducts of even the most stubborn contaminates. If you have bad allergies, we’re your air duct cleaning company of choice.

Q: Do I need an annual maintenance inspection of my HVAC equipment?

Getting an annual maintenance inspection is highly recommended, but it is an even better idea to have your equipment checked out before both the winter and summer months so you don’t run into problems at the worst possible time or the hottest/coldest day of the year.

We offer preventative maintenance agreements which can save homeowners a lot of money in the long run. We offer a gold and platinum level agreement in addition to our commercial agreements to cover every need.

Q: How does attic insulation affect my heating and cooling system?

Insufficient attic insulation makes your heating and cooling system work harder than it needs to, resulting in decreased lifespan of your HVAC equipment, uncomfortable temperatures in your home, and extra expense on your energy bill. Additionally, old insulation can become toxic and actually expose your family to contaminates that could affect your health.