Why Do You Need Insulation in Your Home This Summer?

Posted - June 4, 2021
Poor quality insulation installed in a home

Healthy insulation is important year-round but is especially essential during the hot summer months in Texas. Unfortunately, insulation quality is something that can easily get overlooked and lead to problems that result in high energy costs and expensive repairs.

Although most homeowners know that insulation is important to their home, a deeper understanding of why insulation is a necessity could push people to check their insulation’s quality before the big heat kicks in this summer.

Here are some of the key reasons why you need efficient insulation in your home this summer.

Insulation Seals Off Leaks in Your Home

Insulation can wear off over time and reveal the tiny cracks and imperfections in your home that let your cool air leak out of your home. The outside of your home is already cool enough and doesn’t need the help of your air conditioning to be comfortable.

Keep the inside of your home cool by ensuring that your attic and ceiling insulation creates a barrier within your home that seals off any leaks that could waste your precious air.

Insulation Prevents HotSpot Rooms

If you notice that certain rooms in your home seem warmer than others, there is a problem with your home’s insulation. When wall and ceiling insulation in a room begins to weaken and run thin, the cool air that your HVAC system provides leaks out of the room, leaving it unnaturally warm.

Your home’s insulation should ensure that your air conditioning reaches all areas of the home equally. Nobody likes to have a hotspot room. So, if you notice this issue, reach out to a home health professional to schedule an inspection of your essential cooling and insulation systems.

Insulation Brings More Than Just Comfort

Not only does insulation keep your home feeling great, during the summer, but it also helps prevent any severe spikes in a summer energy bill. When your insulation is in pristine condition, your HVAC system doesn’t have to use up unnecessary resources to cool down the house.

The barrier your insulation provides to keep cool air in, also prevents your cool air from costing you extra during the summer. So, beat the heat and double-check the integrity of your insulation, and schedule home insulation installation if necessary.

It Prevents an Overheated Attic

Finally, the summer can be a scorcher on your roof. The exterior of your rooftop gets hot enough, but did you know that weakened attic insulation can actually overheat your attic to the point that it causes damage to your roof?

If your attic becomes overheated, not only will you end up paying more money for a hard-working HVAC unit, but you could be in for some roof repairs after asphalt shingles have overheated and deteriorated.

Cover Your Home’s Insulation Needs with Advanced Home Comfort

If you want to ensure that your home stays cool this summer, it’s a good idea to schedule a home health inspection to uncover any insulation needs you may have. Advanced Home Comfort is Dallas’ first choice for home health inspections and quality insulation installation services.

Contact us today to learn more about our insulation options and to schedule your appointment with our team.