Why You Need Central AC for Ultimate Home Cooling This Summer

Posted - August 16, 2018
New Modern Central AC System for Ultimate Home Summer Cooling in DFW

The summer days are long and the weather is hot in Dallas, Texas. Summertime is when you will need to run your air conditioner day in and day out to keep yourself, your family, and even your pets cool and comfortable. Having a central air conditioning system installed in your home can be a smart way to ensure that everyone stays comfortable with the perfect cooling temperature. Central air conditioners are a big investment and complex, so it is vitally important that you have a professional HVAC company install or maintain your AC system.

What Is Central Air Conditioning?

Simply put, central air conditioners circulate cool air throughout the house through a series of ducts and release it into rooms via registers and vents. Cool air is created in the air handler component of the HVAC system. As this cool air is circulated through the house, warm air is pulled back into the air handler, cooled, and then circulated back out again. This endless loop keeps your home at a constant temperature. One nice advantage of having a ducted central air conditioning system is that during the winter, those same ducts will keep warm air flowing through the house. There’s no need for a separate system.

Are There Other Air Conditioning Systems That Will Work, Too?

There are several types of AC systems available today. Variables to determine which system will work best for your situation are the size of the home, how many rooms need cooling, how many people are living in the home, and how efficiently you want your system to run, among others.

One of the biggest pros of a central air conditioning system is that it tends to run quietly. Because much of the equipment is outside and the air is running through the duct system, you will not have to listen to the sound of the motors, compressors, condensers, and other parts that make the system work.

However, if you have a small home or just want to cool an extra room, like a bonus room or home gym, then you could just install a mini-split or ductless system. One advantage of a ductless system is that you can pick and choose what rooms you would like to cool, as opposed to cooling the entire house. Window units are another option, but they are also only good for cooling small areas or individual rooms, and they can be quite noisy and unsightly. It is best to consult with an HVAC professional who can perform an energy audit of your home or building as well as a load calculation to determine the optimum size and type of system for your unique needs.

Why Is Central Air Good For a Large Home?

Central air conditioning systems are really great for any size home or for homes that have families occupying most of the rooms. The thermostat can be set for a comfortable temperature that everyone agrees on, and then the air coming into the home will be at a constant and consistent temperature.

For even greater comfort, efficiency, and convenience, add a Wi-Fi-connected thermostat to the HVAC system to set the temperature for different times and uses. Set the thermostat in a comfortable setting when people are at home, and then when the house is empty, the thermostat can be set a bit higher, resulting in less energy being used.

Many of these smart thermostats have multiple functions that you can control remotely, like turning lights on and off, locking and unlocking doors, and checking security cameras. They can also be programmed to learn the habits of the people in your home so that they become more efficient over time, increasing your comfort and decreasing your utility bills.

Advanced Home Comfort Can Help With Your Central AC Installation

If you are thinking of adding a central air conditioning system to your home in the Dallas, Texas, area, talk to our knowledgeable and experienced technicians at Advanced Home Comfort. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and we will consult with you on the best options for your specific needs.