Why Should You Air Seal Your Attic This Fall?

Posted - September 30, 2021
Dallas Attic Insulation Sealing Technician

At Advanced Home Comfort, attic insulation is our bread and butter! We know it’s one of the most important aspects of your home’s insulation system, and are always ready to help our clients improve their attic’s insulation by any means necessary.

Our team offers an assortment of insulation products for our installation services. However, one of the more essential options that often gets overlooked is air sealing. Let’s take a closer look at what air sealing is, why the small details of this service are so important, and how we can use it to benefit your comfort!

What is Air Sealing?

Air sealing is the insulation installation process that blocks off openings in your attic that let in outside air and release the air that your HVAC produces for your home’s set temperatures. Air sealing is an ideal solution for cutting off air loss around your home’s:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Baseboards
  • Outlets
  • Vents
  • Exhaust Fans

What Are the Benefits of Air Sealing Your Attic?

There are many reasons why you should consider air sealing problematic areas of your home, but here are three of the biggest reasons why you should always start the air sealing process with your attic.

Consistent Home Temperatures

Although your HVAC system is built to evenly distribute hot and cold air throughout your home, leaks within your attic insulation system can prevent this from happening.

When air leaks disrupt the HVAC functioning processes, your home’s temperatures vary, leaving some rooms more comfortable than others. Air sealing mitigates this issue and helps reduce temporal fluctuations between each of the rooms in your home.

Energy Savings

When your attic has air leaks, not only does your HVAC distribute air unevenly, but due to air leaking out of the problem areas, your system has to work overtime to even provide minimal comfort. 

This leads to high energy bills, HVAC malfunctions, and eventually, premature system replacements. Air sealing is an investment today that helps you save energy and money for your home tomorrow.

Improved Air Quality

When outside air leaks into your home from exposed areas of your attic, particles and allergens make their way into your home’s ventilation system. When this invasive air combines with the air produced by your HVAC system, it can maneuver around your filtration system and be part of the regular air that your family breathes.

Poor air quality that leads to allergy attacks and respiratory issues is problematic but fixable. Air sealing your attic can prevent outside allergens and dander from seeping into your home and creating stuffy conditions for your family.

How Do You Know You Need Air Sealing Services?

If you notice that your home’s energy bills are increasing or that your air quality is less than satisfactory, it can be difficult to pinpoint the solution you need to reinforce the comfort of your home.

Unfortunately, your home’s comfort doesn’t rely on a single system, and there could be several factors at fault for creating uneven heating and cooling conditions. A whole-home evaluation from a team like Advanced Home Comfort can dig deep into your home’s energy systems and uncover air sealing problems and other related issues in your home.

Schedule a Home Health Inspection Today, With Advanced Home Comfort

If you think your spike in energy costs or allergies is due to faulty attic insulation, let the team at Advanced Home Comfort come out to help find the root of your energy issues. We are Dallas’ most trusted home health experts and guarantee we will help you find an affordable solution that turns your house back into the comfortable home you deserve.

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