Where is Your Home Wasting Energy?

Posted - May 16, 2022
Common Places in Your Home That Lose Energy

Your home has several systems that secure its comfort and keep energy within its walls. Cracks in HVAC delivery output and other parts of your home can lead to wasted energy.

If your energy bills skyrocket or your HVAC system isn’t performing like it used to, you likely have an energy leak.

Let’s get into the most common parts of the home that lead to lost energy and increased costs.


Glass is a poor insulator. It is also a key material in your windows. If your home has a lot of poorly insulated windows, it’s losing a fair amount of energy.

You can save energy through these window insulation hacks:

  • Install triple glazed windows
  • Install storm windows
  • Install plastic sheets across your panes

As long as you invest in Energy Star products for these fixes, your windows will keep the heat your HVAC produces.

Older Doors

Wear and tear of older exterior doors lead to energy loss. As your door ages, gaps and cracks appear and cause significant energy waste.

Caulking and weatherstripping your doors can reduce energy loss. Energy Star steel and fiberglass doors also offer an excellent insulation solution.

An Under-Insulated Attic

Hot air rises. So, if your attic is poorly insulated or damaged, your energy will seep through the cracks.

Finding leaks in your attic can be hard. A home health specialist can locate your problem and provide you with an insulation replacement that suits your needs.

Framed Walls

Many homeowners don’t realize their framed walls are likely under-insulated. If you think your walls may be causing your energy waste, reach out to an insulation professional.

If your walls aren’t protected, it’s easy for experts to blow insulation where it’s needed. Advanced Home Comfort helps you get the job done right at a great price!

Damaged Air Ducts

If there are cracks and holes in your duct system, they are a source of wasted energy. As air seeps out of your damaged ductwork, it doesn’t reach its actual destination. This means your system works harder to make your home feel comfortable.

When this happens your house may never reach an ideal temperature and your energy bill will increase.

Crawl Space

Your crawl space helps regulate your home’s comfort. It can also be a source of lost energy. If your crawl space is drafty or under-insulated, heat can seep out and cost you money.

Adding insulation within your crawl space conserves energy and regulates your home temperature.

Seal Off Your Property Today, With Advanced Home Comfort

Leaks in your home’s systems can cost you hundreds of dollars per year in wasted energy. Let the home health experts of Advanced Home Comfort help you save money.

Our home inspections will uncover any flaws in your systems. We then create an affordable solution that saves your home energy and money in the long term.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team. We’re ready to make your home comfortable again.