Top Tips for Hiring the Best Crawl Space Repair

Posted - July 27, 2022
Crawl Space

Evaluating Crawl Space Contractors

Not many people actively think about the crawl spaces beneath their homes until it is time for crawl space repair. This area, if not maintained, can lead to extensive damage elsewhere inside your home. If you need to have crawl space repairs completed, follow these top tips to find the right crawl space repair contractor for the job.

Ask about Previous Crawl Space Repairs

Look for a company who has specialized experience in crawl spaces specifically. Just because a company offers HVAC services; it does not mean that they are qualified to perform crawl space repairs like foundation problems or excessive moisture causing mold, mildew and condensation . You want to ensure the company you select knows what they are doing to protect your home from further damage. Ask about previous homes they’ve worked on, what types of crawl space issues they dealt with and how the company solved those issues.  It’s a lot like gaining references for a job interview.  You are, afterall, interviewing them.

In fact, you will get the best information from a previous customer. Ask any potential  contractor for a list of references. Be cautious of those who only say to check their online reviews. You want actual, local customers in Dallas to whom you can speak.

Crawl Space Repair ContractorVerify Licenses and Insurance

Choose a licensed and insured company; don’t be afraid to verify that information. Using a licensed and insured contractor ensures that your home and best interests are protected through the entire repair process.  Should anything else get damaged during the repair process, the coverage protects you and the contractor.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

Find out if the company offers crawl space encapsulation services. Crawl space encapsulation is a way to protect your crawl space from moisture damage. Encapsulation consists of many different services including insulation, sealants application, or built-in dehumidifiers to remove moisture. Your contractor should know the best method to protect your home and prepare you for what to expect.


Free Estimates – What to Look For

You will want a company that provides a free, comprehensive service quote. You should look for the following information in that quote:

  • Total cost of repairs
  • Ask for Approval before completing work not listed in quote
  • Warranties offered on parts or labor
  • Time necessary to complete repair
  • Potential start date
  • Payment for services information

If you have any questions about the proposed repairs or services they offer, make sure answers are given to you at the time of the quote or included as part of the quote.

Need Crawl Space Repairs?

If your home or business has crawl space issues, it is time to call the professionals. Advanced Home Comfort offers a full range of professional crawl space repair services.

We understand the importance of keeping your crawl space  in good repair, and we are here to help.

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