Top Signs You Need Furnace Repairs

Posted - November 16, 2020
Apartment Fire with Smoke Damage in need of Furnace Repair in Dallas-Fort Worth

In Texas, we’ve already gotten a taste of what winter has in store for us this year. In short, we’ll want to keep warm and ensure that our home’s furnaces are properly functioning when the cold fronts hit.

Now is the time to schedule any furnace replacements or repairs in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises the first time you go to turn the heat on. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why furnace repair is necessary beyond comfort, and what to look out for while it’s on.

What are the Dangers of a Bad Furnace?

Not only can a faulty furnace result in a hemorrhaging budget, but it can also create physical problems that threaten your home’s wellbeing:

  • The poor air quality from a furnace in need of repairs can result in increased respiratory problems within the home. This is extremely dangerous if you or a loved one has asthma or other respiratory-related illnesses.
  • A broken furnace has the ability to silently leak gas emissions into the home. Not only is this an immense health hazard that can result in death, but it also increases the chances of a fire in your home.

Red Flags You Need Furnace Repairs

The average heating system begins to show signs of wear and need for replacements at around 20 years. If you know that your furnace is older and are concerned about your family’s health and comfort, we suggest turning on your unit and looking out for any of these red flags that something is wrong.

Bad Smells

The first time you turn on your heating system for the year, you can expect a fuel-like smell for a few minutes. A healthy furnace will allow this scent to dissipate. However, a heating system in need of repair or replacement can produce a prominent gas smell or a smell that reeks of burning dust. If you notice any of these scents, it’s best to reach out to a professional as soon as possible for inspection and repairs.

The Burner Flame Isn’t Blue

The pilot light of a healthy heating system will always burn blue. Any discolorations are a sign that there is a ventilation problem in your system. When the gases of your heater can’t dissipate, the pilot flame will burn yellow. This means that your furnace is now at a higher risk of combustion or releasing deadly fumes into the home. Repairs are required at once if you discover this issue.

Strange Noises

Your heating system may naturally make noises during its hours of operation. However, if you start to hear squeaks, groans, or knocks, there could be internal issues like a broken belt or malfunctioning fan that need to be fixed.

Low Air Flow

While this isn’t a direct heater problem, it’s one that is connected to how well it functions for your household. If you start to notice uneven heating throughout the home, it’s time to look into getting your ductwork checked out by a home health expert.

If your home has faulty ductwork, your heater will have to work overtime and will rack up high energy bills while also putting itself on the fast road to drastic repairs.

Keep Your Home Safe and Warm This Winter With Advanced Home Comfort

Waiting for deep winter to find out that your furnace is malfunctioning leaves your home in discomfort until repairs are made. Before the winter sets in, reach out to Advanced Home Comfort for a home health inspection that covers all of the necessities for keeping your household warm throughout the cold months. From your furnace to insulation, our experts can quickly determine if your home has any problem areas and will offer only the most effective solutions that fit your budget.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection.