Top 3 Reasons to Reinsulate the Attic this Spring

Posted - April 18, 2019
Thermal Insulation Installation in Dallas Fort Worth TX

When it comes to heating and cooling efficiency, your attic can be a major culprit of energy loss. In fact, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association says 90 percent of single-family homes don’t have enough insulation. Even if your attic is insulated, it can likely benefit from being reinsulated this spring. A safer home structure and lower heating and cooling bills are two reasons to reinsulate the attic in your Dallas, Texas, home.

Lower Heating and Cooling Expenses

Your heating and cooling account for up to 70 percent of your home’s energy consumption. Without proper insulation, your HVAC system has to work harder than it should to keep your home at your desired temperature. When you combine reinsulating the attic with air-sealing your home’s floors and crawl spaces, you can maximize the HVAC system’s energy efficiency and slash your heating and cooling bills by 15 percent. For the average homeowner, this translates into savings of $780 a year.

A Safer Home Structure

Over the years, heat and moisture can damage your home’s structure. By reinsulating the attic, you are preventing this damage by keeping water vapor from seeping into your walls. Reinsulating also mitigates heat buildup in the attic, which prevents the roof’s shingles from swelling and cracking.

Improved Indoor Air Quality for Whole Home Health

Without proper insulation, your attic is going to have air leaks. Not only can air leak out but outside air can make its way into your home. This air is often polluted with dust, dirt, and airborne allergens. As these contaminants accumulate in the attic and make their way through your home, the indoor air quality becomes compromised. Reinsulating the attic is an effective way to reduce airborne allergens in the home and a crucial step toward achieving whole home health.

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