Top Considerations Before Replacing Your HVAC Unit

Posted - July 17, 2020
Dallas HVAC Repairman doing an Inspection

One of the biggest improvements in a home’s health is the replacement of an old or broken HVAC system. If you feel like your home is suffering from a unit that is struggling to keep your property comfortable, it may be time to think about a solid replacement. However, before making this big move, take these five items into consideration to ensure that this new investment is the right choice for your family.

How is the Air Quality in Your Home?

An air conditioning system that is well-maintained and working properly will not only keep the temperature at comfortable levels but will also filter out any unwanted particles in the air.

If you start to notice that members of your household are showing signs of respiratory problems or experiencing allergy symptoms within the home like dry eyes, irritated nose, etc. it may be time to get your system inspected and start looking for an upgrade.

The Size of Your Energy Bills

An air conditioner that has reached its shelf life will try its hardest to get the job done for your family. Unfortunately, while the efforts to cool down the home may be valiant, they are still very costly.

A unit that is overworked will create some massive energy bills, especially in the summer. So, if you’ve noticed the size of your energy bills inflating, a new unit could be the thing to help your family save money.

The Unit’s Repair History

If you’ve found that your HVAC has had to have several repairs on it over the last year or two, this is a sign that it’s time to look into a replacement or upgrade. HVAC repairs can be a costly affair, and while an upgrade may be an expense up front, you’ll actually be saving money with a more efficient unit and less maintenance and repair costs.

Has Your System Recently Been Maintenanced?

However, before pulling the trigger on a new air conditioner, ask yourself when the last time your unit was maintenanced. In order for a system to function properly, it’s suggested that they are maintenance once a year. If you find that your unit is struggling and realize it’s been a while since your last check-up, schedule a maintenance appointment today with a trusted home health specialist.

How Are Your Air Ducts?

Your home’s air loss may not even be due to a failing air conditioning system. You could actually have a problem within your air ducts. By scheduling a home inspection, you can easily discover where the issues within your home’s system truly lie. From leaks in your air ducts to insufficient insulation throughout your home, there are several culprits that could mistakenly point to the need for an HVAC replacement.

Maintain and Replace Your HVAC Right, With Advanced Home Comfort

At Advanced Home Comfort, we care about bringing up the level of comfort within all aspects of your home’s health. If you now know that it’s time to get your HVAC unit replaced, we’re ready to show you the latest upgrades. Get in touch with us today to schedule an inspection and learn more about our quality home services.