What Are The Most Common Ductless HVAC Repairs

Posted - May 13, 2019
Dallas HVAC Technician performs AC Maintenance on ductless A C unit

Regular preventative AC maintenance and proper care are essential to extending the life of the ductless HVAC system in your Plano, Texas, home. Even with the utmost care, though, you are still likely to need a repair from time to time.

It should go without saying that the less you take care of the system, the more costly the repairs will be. Thermostat trouble and condensate leaks are two of the most common ductless HVAC repairs that our customers call us about.

How Does a Ductless System Work?

It’s helpful to know how a ductless system works to keep a close eye on potential problems. With a ductless mini-split system, the system has a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units. Each indoor unit is responsible for heating and cooling a certain zone in the home.

Refrigerant flows through tubes that run from the outdoor unit to each of the indoor units. During the warming season, the refrigerant absorbs heat from outside and moves it to and through the indoor units according to the thermostat setting on each unit. During the cooling season, the system removes heat from the home and pushes it outdoors.

Loss of Output

If you notice the output of your ductless system is declining, it’s important to contact an HVAC technician immediately. A loss of output means the system isn’t achieving optimal heating and cooling efficiency. A leak in the refrigerant line could be the culprit, or it could be something more serious like a frozen evaporator coil, which is commonly caused by a clogged filter.

Regardless of the cause, your heating and cooling expenses are likely to skyrocket, and the unnecessary wear and tear the problem is adding to the system can result in costly repairs or premature replacements.

Condensate Leaks

A ductless system produces condensation in the form of water droplets. Normally, the water drips into a pan that is connected to a drain line. If the drain line becomes clogged, the water will build up in the pan, which eventually turns into a water leak. It’s usually an easy fix to repair a clogged condensate drain line.

Thermostat Trouble

It’s important to have a ductless system installed by a professional with extensive ductless installation experience. Since each unit inside of the home is connected to a central master thermostat, the wiring from each unit must be spot on. Otherwise, you’ll endure problems trying to control the temperature throughout different zones in the home.

If you notice your thermostat settings aren’t properly heating and cooling certain zones, there’s a good chance there’s an issue with the wiring. A professional with experience may even have to redo the wiring to each unit.

Low Refrigerant

As with all air conditioners, a ductless system needs an adequate amount of refrigerant to cool your home. Additionally, since a ductless system uses refrigerant to heat your home, its refrigerant level must be adequate all year long.

Much of the time, low refrigerant levels are caused by loose connections or a leak coming from the compressor. Repairing the cause is essential to mitigating major damage to the ductless system.

Grinding Noises

The air handlers used by a ductless heating and cooling system are under a lot of pressure. The air handlers have lubricated bearings to reduce stress on the motor. Over time, though, these bearings wear down. If they aren’t replaced every so often, the motor will eventually overheat.

Any time you hear a grinding noise coming from a ductless system, turn it off and contact us immediately. If the motor overheats, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to replace it completely, which can be expensive.

Problems with your ductless system?

One of our certified Advanced Home Comfort technicians can diagnose the problem and provide you with a list of available solutions. Our goal is to keep your system running with optimal efficiency without sacrificing indoor comfort. 

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