Why you Should Buy a New Gas Furnace

Posted - February 13, 2018
Water Gas Furnace Heater Replacement in Dallas TX

Although heat pumps have become a popular option in recent years, gas furnaces are still a popular choice among people who live in colder climates. Since residents in Dallas, Texas are somewhat stuck in the middle, deciding between a heat pump and a gas furnace might be a tough choice. If you’ve chosen the latter, here’s what you can expect.

Gas Furnace Basics

A gas furnace starts operating once the thermostat on your wall tells it that the room’s temperature has dropped below the desired comfort level. The thermostat does this by sending an electrical signal to a relay in the furnace, signaling for a valve to open and deliver gas to the burners and for a blower to turn on.
Next, the furnace’s pilot light ignites the burner inside the combustion chamber. This creates heat within the metal chamber – the heat exchanger – where the air moves. Once warm, the air is pushed through the ducts into the rooms in your home. The leftover fumes from the burning fuel escape through a flue in the roof.

Gas Furnace Benefits

Believe it or not, even with all the advancements in HVAC technology, traditional natural gas furnaces still offer big benefits to homeowners who invest in them.

Less expensive than heat pumps.

Not only is a Trane gas furnace relatively inexpensive to maintain, but they rarely break down. Considering that natural gas is the cheapest fossil fuel today, the cost incentives start to add up.

Greater efficiency and withstand-ability.

In addition to using the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, gas furnaces are also able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. You won’t have to invest in a secondary heating source if you have a furnace.

Trust a Professional For Your Gas Furnace Installation

When it’s time to purchase and have your new furnace installed, remember to trust an HVAC professional for a gas furnace installation. For more information about a gas furnace installation for your Dallas home contact us today.