Top 3 Signs Your Home has Poor Insulation During Summer

Posted - August 19, 2022
Guy Cools Off Inside His House

The heat of summer is something we love to enjoy, but we like to stay inside when temps reach record heights.  Keeping your home cool during the summer is critical for enduring hot summer afternoons too scalding for outdoor activity. Utility bills tend to rise during summer months for everyone, but if you’re noticing exceptionally high power bills during the summer, it is likely due to poor home insulation.

Insulation keeps your home’s cool air within the house.  This, in turn, reduces your monthly energy costs. When insulation fails, cool air seeps through the cracks in your home and forces your HVAC to work harder to hit its temperature goals.  As a result, energy bills skyrocket.  Let’s look at ways to determine whether your home’s insulation is prepared for summer.

Summer Insulation Issues Inside Your House

This past summer in Dallas, TX, was among the hottest summers in recorded history. The easiest ways to tell if your home’s insulation is ready to do its job are twofold:

  1. Do you feel hot or sticky overnight?
  2. Are your energy bills astronomical?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re going to want to read on for more information about insulation problems.

Why Won’t My House Cool Down?

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t cool off your house. A broken HVAC unit is the first suspect.  After you’ve determined your air conditioning works fine, it’s time to consider that the real issue is within the walls of your home.

This is one of the first ways to identify a home insulation problem. If your home will not cool off while your air conditioner works properly, it means that the cool air generated by your AC is escaping.

If your attic is not insulated properly or if the insulation is very old and broken, the cool air seeps out of the house, never allowing indoor temperatures to feel accurate or comfortable.

Hot Attic

If the second floor of your home or your attic feels unbearably hot, you likely have insulation problems. Because geat rises, your  main floor will not cool down because of poor insulation.  Your home’s second or third story will be undeniably and excessively hot.

Heat Drafts in Your Home

When you feel a hot air stream blowing through your home area, your insulation has failed.  Double-check to make sure your windows and exterior doors are shut correctly to rule them out as culprits.  If no other cause for the hot draft can be found, than you know it is most likely a result of poor insulation.

Home Insulation Installation is Easier Than You Think

Installing insulation in your house is not as daunting or expensive as you might think. The experts at Advanced Home Comfort can replace existing insulation or install new insulation quickly and affordably.

You can also have the exterior walls insulated. Insulating these walls gives your home added protection. Best of all,  exterior insulation dramatically reduces heating and cooling costs.

We insulate walls from your attic using semi-liquid insulation that will not damage your property or disrupt your household during the installation process.

Advanced Home Comfort Insulation Installation Services

There is a way to beat those high power bills during the summer.! Hire Advanced Home Comfort to replace or install insulation in your home.  A properly-insulated home yields dividends, not just for your family’s comfort level, but the overall value of your home increases should you decide to sell it down the road.

Our technicians respond to service requests in Dallas, Plano, Rockwall, Richardson, Highland Park and University Park in Texas.

Contact Advanced Home Comfort for a free quote for insulation installation today.