Summer Conditions That can Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality

Posted - May 10, 2021
AC Technician Inspecting an Air Duct with a Flashlight

As summer approaches, many people are starting to wake up with stuffy noses, beginning to sneeze incessantly, and find themselves itching at their eyes; all before even heading outside to start the day.

As much as we love the summer at Advanced Home Comfort, we hate to admit that it’s a prime season for reduced air quality in the home.

Here’s a closer look at how the heat can impact the air inside of your home and what you can do to keep your family breathing fresh and avoiding allergy attacks this summer.

Pollution Isn’t Just an “Outside” Issue

When the weather really heats up, all of those plants that cause allergy issues begin to bloom on a fast track. You may have been able to minimize indoor exposure to spring allergies; but as people walk in and out of your home to play or go on summer outings, that pollen is going to quickly become an indoor airborne allergen.

Pets Shed More in the Summer

Did you know that pets regulate their shedding schedule with the temperature? During the summer months, your dogs and cats are going to release dander even more than usual.

While constant vacuuming can help reduce the amount that resides in the home, your vacuum isn’t going to be able to catch the dander that makes its way into your air duct system and spreads throughout the home.

Without a combination of duct cleaning services and a great air purifying system, it’s going to be very difficult to avoid the discomfort that a man’s best friend unknowingly causes.

More Moisture, More Mold Risks

Extreme heat combined with the moisture that accumulates from your HVAC system can easily create a mold problem that quickly spreads as the heat continues to hit your home.

Mold is something that no homeowner wants hanging over their home, so taking extra precautions that help keep the recirculated air healthier in your home is essential.

How Can You Prevent Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The number one preventative step you can take to ensure that your air quality remains clean is to regularly keep up with your duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance. Most of the problems that we’ve discussed stem from lack of maintenance on these systems, and can easily be avoided with the right home health company on your side.

Let our team help you catch any minor problems before they become a major concern that causes respiratory attacks.

Aside from regular air conditioning maintenance, make sure to keep your AC running and don’t crack the doors and windows open during a heatwave. This is only an open invitation to pollen and other exterior pollutants into your home.

Leaks, cracks, and opened windows also lead to higher utility bills due to your HVAC system having to work overtime to keep the home cool.

Keep Your Family Breathing Easier with Advanced Home Comfort

If you know that you haven’t kept up with ductwork maintenance, HVAC maintenance, or have a crawl space that collects mass amounts of moisture, now is the time to reach out to Advanced Home Comfort for help.

Living in a home with poor air quality is not only uncomfortable, but it’s also unhealthy. Our team of home health technicians can quickly inspect your home, determine why your air quality has decreased, and present you with effective solutions that will keep your home comfortable and clean.

Contact us to learn more about our ductwork services, HVAC maintenance, and more. We’re ready to help you breathe easier.