Tips and Tricks to Soundproof Your Window AC Unit

Posted - September 16, 2022
window AC unit

Why Is My Window AC Unit Making Noise?

Are you awake all night listening to your noisy window air conditioner?  You’ve come to the right place.

While window AC units will never be as quiet as central air, you’re not necessarily stuck with the high-decibel racket you’re suffering with right now.

Here are the top three, simple tricks you can do to reduce the sound of your window AC unit. Having these hacks up your sleeve is important if you own a window unit because most professionals offering HVAC maintenance are hesitant to take a look at window units.

Take a look at some easy AC repairs you can do yourself before calling in the professionals for an official HVAC installation.

1. Add Foam Insulation

This is the best hack for making a window AC unit quiet. Your air conditioning unit may not be the problem.

One of the common causes of noisy AC units is a poor fit. Window units rarely fit snuggly into windows. As a result, gaps on the sides leave tunnels for noise. Add window AC foam insulation at the unit’s sides to muffle loud noises. This way, you’ll close up gaps that allow cool air to escape your home and cost you money.

2. Check That Your Air Conditioner Is Level

The tiniest slant can send your air conditioner into a noisy spiral. That’s because window units are designed to work when they are perfectly level. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to install a unit slightly crooked due to lumps, bumps, or irregularities with your window. Some people mistakenly install crooked window air conditioners thinking it will help the AC release condensation. However, modern units are designed to do so while perfectly level.

A window AC unit that’s not perfectly flat will create vibrations and rattling noises that can reverberate throughout the whole room. Check if your air conditioning unit is level by placing your Level measuring tool on the top.

If your AC isn’t leveled, installing a wood reinforcement strip below the appliance will level out the unit’s weight and control the noise.

3. Check Your Fan Blades

Loose fan blades can be noisy. If your blades are loose, you can actually tighten them while the unit is unplugged. If you notice that the blades are damaged, you can also purchase new blades that can be installed. Here’s how to do it:

  • Purchase a new blade based on the directions in your AC unit’s user guide.
  • Unplug your AC unit.
  • Remove the cover of the unit from the corners.
  • Next, refer to your unit’s user guide for the steps to remove the existing blade.
  • Install the new blade.
  • Put the cover back in place before turning the unit back on.

It’s also possible that your motor is causing the noise. A broken motor can resemble a broken blade because motor damage will cause the blade to spin slower. However, a broken motor is a bigger issue requiring a professional’s help to repair or replace your motor.

Extra Tips to Soundproof Noisy AC Unit

If you’ve followed our tips, but still have a noisy window AC unit, follow this checklist of common hacks to silence your noisy AC unit once and for all.

1. Let the AC unit rest for a while. If you’ve been running your unit around the clock, the motor may be exhausted from overuse.

2. Check for ice. Ice forming on the wires and motors inside an AC unit is fairly common. The telltale sign that this has happened is a clicking sound. The answer isn’t to scrape the ice! What you want to do instead is to turn off the AC unit to allow the ice to melt. Once the ice has melted, wipe it away with a soft cloth.

3. Check to see if refrigerant is leaking. When you have a refrigerant leak, air pressure moving through the unit can create a humming sound.

Need HVAC Assistance? Advanced Home Comfort Can Help!

While AC repairs may help you to get a few more miles from your window AC unit, they aren’t always worth the effort.

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