Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

Posted - April 19, 2018
Air Conditioning Installation in Dallas

We expect a lot from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They work quietly in the background keeping the indoor environment comfortable. When they break down, it’s usually on a hot summer day when a unit is pushed to the extreme. 

By paying attention to these warning signs that can lead to breakdowns and costly AC repairs, homeowners can make sure HVAC systems operate when they are most needed.

Strange Noises

Air conditioners make normal sounds as they operate. However, unusual sounds such as thumping, whining or grinding indicate a problem. It may be something simple, such as a loose belt or parts that need oiling. However, strange sounds can also indicate broken bearings or a damaged compressor. If you hear unusual sounds, call your HVAC contractor immediately.

Low Air Flow

An improperly sized or poorly installed HVAC unit will not heat and cool effectively. Low airflow may be the result of leaks allowing conditioned air to escape through ducts before it reaches the living space. 

Low airflow may also be the result of an improper refrigerant charge. A clogged filter can also reduce airflow. A certified HVAC technician can diagnose the problem.

Moisture or Excess Humidity

Moisture can be due to a clogged drain line or overflowing drip pan this can require immediate AC maintenance. High humidity may indicate that the unit is not properly sized. An oversized unit will cycle frequently with short runs. Although the temperature may reach the setpoint, short cycling does not adequately control humidity.

Take care of your home with Advanced Home Comfort

Advanced Home Comfort of Dallas, Texas, offers heating and air conditioning maintenance so that your unit performs when you need it. During an air conditioning maintenance checkup, a licensed technician looks at each element of a system, including refrigerant levels, drip pans, electrical contacts, belts, fans, coils, and filters. 

If problems are identified, correcting them immediately avoids costly AC repairs or untimely breakdowns. Regular maintenance also prolongs the life of the system and improves energy efficiency. For more information about maintaining your air conditioning system, contact us to speak with one of our licensed technicians.