Signs That Your Commercial AC Needs an Inspection

Posted - April 5, 2022
Signs that Your Commercial AC System Needs HVAC Inspection

Your place of business is one that requires a calm, comfortable setting to help you and your employees accomplish daily tasks. Although a great work culture contributes to productivity, the truth is that your commercial HVAC system also plays a massive role in the happiness of your employees.

When things go wrong with your AC unit, morale can quickly plummet and you’re left worrying about the severity of your Ac problems. As we enter the heart of spring, you don’t want your AC system to experience a total failure because you missed the signs of a problem.

Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest red flags it’s time to get your commercial AC inspected for repairs and maintenance needs.

Monthly Energy Costs Have Increased

If you feel like your business is paying more lately for the luxury of air conditioning, higher costs could be a symptom of an ill-maintained unit that is struggling to keep your temperatures regulated.

We suggest going back through your energy bill records and tracking your payments a couple of years back. If the payment amounts don’t seem to line up and you find a spike in recent costs, it’s time to reach out to an HVAC expert.

Employees Begin to Complain

If your employees start to come to you about irregular temperatures or say that their productivity is hampered by a noisy or smelly HVAC, listen to them. Your employees deserve a healthy comfortable place to work.

Therefore, the sooner you listen and get your HVAC system inspected, the sooner your employees will be back to being their productive selves.

You Notice Your System is Short Cycling

Short cycling is when an HVAC system periodically turns on and off before completing its standard cooling cycle. When this happens, not only does your building’s temperature struggle (and often fails) to reach its programmed settings, but the stress of short cycling often leads to premature HVAC replacement.

Short cycling is one of the common commercial AC issues you never want to ignore, as the repercussions can be quite costly.

You Notice Moisture in the Air

When your HVAC is cooling down your building, it’s also sucking out unwanted moisture in the environment. If your building’s air starts to feel “sticky” or dense, and your employees begin to complain about excess moisture in the air, it’s time to get your system inspected.

Loud Noises and Bad Odors

As per usual, loud startups, hissing, and bangs during a cycle are all warning signs that your HVAC is in trouble.

Likewise, unusual smells like musty odors or the smell of something burning are also signs that your HVAC is in trouble.

Keep Your Commercial HVAC in Shape With Advanced Home Comfort

At Advanced Home Comfort, we don’t just make house calls. Our HVAC experts have experience working with HVAC systems from small units that cool down a single-story building to large systems that help keep a corporation comfortable.

Trust our home health professionals to properly inspect your HVAC system, determine the issue, and come up with an affordable and effective solution.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your consultation with a member of our team.