Managing Summer Temperature Spikes

Posted - June 25, 2019
Dallas Home HVAC Automation

During the summer months in Mesquite, Texas, the high temperatures can feel stifling. Managing the spikes and swings while keeping your home comfortable is a challenge that many local residents face.

Follow these few tips to boost your home’s energy efficiency and keep the indoor temperature under control without spending a fortune on bills.

Program Your Thermostat

The first step in maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere is programming your thermostat. Whether you have a smart unit or a traditional programmable thermostat, you need to make sure to set up your ideal home temperature and the times you’re typically at home.

Failing to program your thermostat can cost you money because the air conditioning system will continue to run when you’re gone all day or going to sleep at night. With a smart thermostat, a schedule serves as a starting point, although it can make automatic adjustments to reduce energy waste.

Maintain the System

An HVAC system requires regular maintenance to ensure efficiency and proper operation. During an annual tune-up, your HVAC technician will test the system to make sure it’s producing plenty of air and will take a look at the components to look for signs of damage.

You can also do some DIY maintenance, such as changing the air filter regularly and keeping the vents and registers clean and unblocked. These tasks will help boost efficiency, which will help you better manage heatwaves.

Supplement With Fans

Ceiling, floor, and box fans can also help maintain a cooler atmosphere. Although they don’t produce cool air, the wind chill effect can make it feel more comfortable in your home. Keep fans running in the rooms you’re currently using to allow air to flow more freely in your home. Turn the fans off when you leave the room to avoid wasting electricity.

Get ready for the summer with Advanced Home Comfort

Make sure your cooling system can keep up with the upcoming temperature spikes and swings by scheduling your maintenance service with the technicians at Advanced Home Comfort. Contact us today for a cooler tomorrow.