How to Stop Rodents From Dwelling in Your Crawl Space

Posted - November 30, 2021
Rat In The Crawl Space Of A Dallas Texas Home

The weather is cooling down and lots of rodents on the outside are eager to find a way into your home to burrow and nest. Unfortunately, your home’s crawl space is one of the easiest access points for a burgeoning infestation.

Don’t spend your holidays fighting off a never-ending slew of rodents whose bad habits taint your home’s air quality. Make sure that your crawl space is equipped to protect your home’s quality of life, as well as its energy output.

Is Your Crawl Space a Rodent Magnet?

Unfortunately, it’s very easy for a crawl space to become home to a crowd of rodents. 

Some of the most common qualities that lead rodents to a crawl space are:

  • Using your crawl space for storage
  • A constantly messy crawl space
  • Moldy or damp conditions
  • Aged crawl spaces with exterior openings to curious critters

4 Ways to Keep Rodents Out of Your Crawl Space

1. Seal All Crawl Space Entry Points

One of the most frustrating facts about rodents is that they have the ability to squeeze through a space that is a ¼ inch wide. So, if you discover that mice and rats are in your home, check the exterior of your crawl space area. If there are any holes, promptly seal them up to prevent a larger infestation.

While you are making exterior repairs, it’s a good idea to hire a crawl space professional to get under your home and make any further repairs or diagnoses.

2. Install a Vapor Barrier

Moisture is one of the biggest draws for mice and rats. If your crawl space is unprotected it could be a moist water resource for disease-ridden rodents.

When it comes to moisture, simply cleaning out your crawl space won’t cut it. Reach out to a home health expert like Advanced Home Comfort to schedule a vapor barrier installation

A vapor barrier spread throughout your crawl space prevents outside moisture and debris from entering your crawl space. As moisture is kept out, your home will become less tempting to invaders wanting in.

3. Keep Your Trash Bins Away From Your Crawl Space

Covering the interior entry point of a crawl space is a popular way to store a trash bin. Unfortunately, the smell and scraps that can make their way into a crawl space can become a glaring magnet for hungry, cold rodents.

4. Crawl Space Fan Systems

If laying down insulation or an encapsulation system is something you are interested in down the line, a crawl space fan system could be a more cost-effective solution. Fan systems are a great way to push moisture out while keeping unwanted outside air where it belongs. This keeps your crawl space dry, mold-free and increases its chances of being rodent-free.

Schedule Your Crawl Space Inspection Today, With Advanced Home Comfort

If you have a rodent problem, the odds are that your crawl space is the root cause of your issue. It can be difficult for the average homeowner to determine if their crawl space needs maintenance or repairs.

The team at Advanced Home Comfort are crawl space specialists that can quickly determine if your space is letting in too much moisture and requires one of our moisture control solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your crawl space inspection!