How to Protect Your HVAC Unit From The Summer Heat

Posted - June 17, 2022
Protecting Your HVAC from the Summer Heat

With the heat of summer quickly approaching, now is the time to prepare your HVAC system to work well through the season. Few things are more frustrating than a broken air conditioner on the year’s hottest days.
There are a few things that you can do that will help protect your HVAC system so that it works well during summer.

  1. Clear Debris Away From Your Outdoor Unit

    Leaves, yard clippings, and other debris can pile up on and around your HVAC unit. Keeping this area cleared will help the unit run more efficiently. Debris can clog up vents, drop into the fan area, or overheat the unit.

  2. Change Your Filters

    Clean air filters will ensure that the air flows properly through your home and the HVAC unit. Clean air filters will also help improve air quality in your home. Set a time each month to change your air filters, like the first day of the month, so that you know they are always clean.

    It is also essential to ensure that all of your inside vents are cleared. Blocked vents can make your air conditioner work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

  3. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance is a great way to protect your HVAC system. When routine HVAC maintenance is performed on your unit, the techs can make any necessary repairs before the heat of summer kicks in.

    Replacing small worn parts currently working can make the difference between a broken A/C unit during the hotter temperatures and a unit running smoothly.

  4. Have A Home Health Inspection For Air Quality

    Advanced Home Comfort offers home health inspections to check the air quality in your home. You may discover a lot of moisture in your home or that your ducts need cleaning, repair, or replacement. Other air quality issues will also be addressed.

    Your air conditioning unit will run better when the air it intakes is at the right humidity level. Advanced Home Comfort techs can provide information on improving air quality and HVAC performance.

  5. Consider HVAC Replacement

    If your unit is over ten years old, it may be in your best interest to replace the entire unit. Older units are not as efficient as newer models and are more prone to breaking down when in constant use.

    A new HVAC system may also be more cost-efficient. Technology has quickly advanced in the HVAC industry over the last several years, and new units can cool your home more easily and at lesser costs. The reduction in your heating and cooling bills will be a welcome benefit.

Keep Your HVAC Cooler This Summer with Advanced Home Comfort

If you have any additional questions about caring for your HVAC unit or need maintenance, repairs, or replacement of your HVAC system, contact Advanced Home Comfort. One of our reps will gladly help answer all your questions and schedule a service call.