How to Prepare Your Home’s Health for the New Year

Posted - December 27, 2021
Home Air Quality Inspection Evaluation Dallas-Fort Worth

A new year is just around the corner and one of the best ways to ring it in is to ensure that your home’s health is in pristine condition.

From inclement weather to wasted energy due to poor insulation, your home’s health can fluctuate throughout the year. So, it’s always good to be prepared and have the peace of mind of knowing that your essential systems are in order.

Here’s a closer look at some of the ways you can prepare your home’s health in ways that benefit your family, no matter what.

Why Does Your Home’s Health Matter?

Home health is a term that refers to your home’s energy efficiency and overall air quality. If you leave your home’s health to waste away over the years, you could face several problems that include:

  • Respiratory issues due to poor air quality
  • Mold and mildew
  • Premature insulation replacement
  • Expensive energy bills, and more.

Establishing excellent home health at the beginning of a new year can help get your home ready for anything that external or internal elements may throw at it. Here is a look at some of the ways you can give your home the annual physical it deserves.

Inspect and Repair Your HVAC System

Your home’s HVAC system is something that your family relies on all year long. Whether it’s warming your home up during the winter or cooling it down in the summer, there isn’t a time of the year where you can afford extreme malfunctions.

An annual HVAC inspection and maintenance service can help you catch any HVAC problems early, repair them, and avoid worrying about a broken-down furnace or air conditioner when you need it.

Clean Out Your Ductwork

Your home’s ductwork is responsible for evenly distributing hot and cool air throughout your home. However, if you’ve neglected your ductwork for years, it can easily get built up with dust, and debris that causes two main problems in your home:

  1. Uneven air circulation and poor temperature control in the home
  2. Reduced air quality from the release of harmful contaminants and microorganisms

Getting your ductwork cleaned out annually can help give your home the fresh air it needs to remain a comforting environment.

Repair Damaged Insulation

Insulation throughout your home’s walls and attic space help control the energy efficiency of your home. If your insulation becomes damaged and starts to fail, it’s highly likely that your home’s energy bills will begin to skyrocket due to the air your systems produce being sucked straight out of your home.

Scheduling the help of an expert to come in and examine the state of your insulation can help you make timely repairs or replacements before the next cold front or heatwave hits.

Dry Out Your Crawl Space

A moist crawl space can lead to bad smells in the home, rodent attraction, and worst of all, the structural damage within your home.

Scheduling the installation of a crawl space fan system or vapor barrier can help ensure that your crawl space stays moisture-free and keeps your home a cleaner place to breathe.

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