How to Save Energy in a Poorly-Insulated Home

Posted - January 28, 2022
How to Save Energy in a Poorly-Insulated Home

The insulation in your home is there to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature and reduce the loss of valuable energy. Unfortunately, insulation can age and begin to fail over time and leave homeowners vulnerable to high energy bills due to the amount of heat and cool air escaping through the cracks of bad insulation.

If your home is experiencing higher than normal energy bills or just isn’t staying at the temperature of your choosing, it’s time to look into some essential energy-saving measures that can help reduce energy waste throughout the year.

Is Your House’s Insulation Failing?

Before you start to implement any proactive actions, it’s important to know the signs that the problem is your home’s insulation. Outside of massive energy bills, some of the highest indicators of failing insulation are:

  • A drafty home in the winter and sweltering home in the summer
  • Mice, rats, or other pests entering your home
  • Frozen pipes
  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home

How Can You Save Energy in a Poorly-Insulated Home?

Fortunately, there are several ways homeowners can still save energy in their homes, even if their insulation isn’t up to par.

Here are some of our own helpful hints towards effectively keeping the heat within your walls this winter.

Invest in Plastic Window Seals

Plastic window seals are an extremely affordable option for a homeowner that needs to quickly fill in any gaps within their windows. Leaky windows are the easiest way for cold air to get in and warm air to escape. So, wrapping the edge of your windows with these easy-to-use plastic seals is a great first step to saving energy in your home.

Cover Up Your Windows

Aside from sealing up your windows, make sure to cover them up with curtains to further mitigate any energy loss. Investing in thermal curtains and closing them up at night over your windows could reduce heat loss by around 25 percent.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

While insulation may seem like the initial culprit of your energy problems, the truth is that it can easily be caused by a faulty HVAC system.

If you get your system maintenance at least once a year, you can catch issues within your system early and fix them before they lead to uneven energy distribution and an overworked unit.

Schedule Insulation Repair or Replacement

Finally, the most efficient way to save energy in a poorly-insulated home is to schedule an appointment for insulation repair or replacement.

A team of home health experts like Advanced Home Comfort can inspect your home, quickly determine the root of the insulation problem, and come up with an affordable and effective solution that keeps your home’s energy use at average levels.

Save Energy Today, With the Help of Advanced Home Comfort

If you know that your insulation is failing and are ready for repair or replacement, the team at Advanced Home Comfort can help! We specialize in the installation of all essential types of insulation and can help reinforce your home’s attic and walls with ease.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule an in-home consultation with a member of our team.