Could Your Home Be Too Humid?

Posted - July 13, 2018
Dallas Home Humidity

Dallas, Texas, sees its fair share of humidity in the summer, often making the outdoor air warm and balmy. Luckily, when your air conditioner is properly maintained it works to reduce some of this humidity indoors. But could your home still be too humid?

Here are a few ways to tell if your Dallas home is too humid this summer.

Condensation on Your Windows and Doors

If you have too much moisture in your home, it has to go somewhere. That somewhere is usually the glass panes of your windows and doors. If you’re noticing water beading or fogging on the glass, it could be a sign that your air conditioner is not working properly, leaving excess moisture lingering in your space.

Consistent Water Run-Off

Sometimes, water can get inside your home because of run-off water or flooding. If this happens, it’s a definite sign that your home is too humid. Usually, water run-off occurs because your house is on a low plain or too close to a water source that has overflowed.

Rotting Wood

Wood is extremely susceptible to water damage, so if there’s too much humidity, your wood surfaces may show it. In particular, window sills and underneath the sink are two troublesome areas to keep an eye on.

If you notice any soft spots or marks, your home might be too humid or there could be leaks.

Problematic Allergies

Many people don’t realize they might have allergies because their home is too humid. When there’s too much moisture in the air, dust particles and other allergens can spread more easily, exacerbating your symptoms.

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