Commercial AC Maintenance Tips Going Into The Summer

Posted - May 29, 2020
A commercial HVAC unit in need of maintenance in Dallas, TX

Texas summers can be a real scorcher on your business’ air conditioning units. Not only are they working hard to keep your employees cool, but sometimes they can find themselves working overtime when maintenance has gone ignored. Letting your air conditioning go into the hotter months without any attention can easily leave you in the lurch with a hot and uncomfortable working environment.

Here are some simple commercial AC maintenance tips that will help your commercial unit function at its best as the state temperatures begin to climb.

Check Around the Exterior of Your System

The cleanliness of the area surrounding your unit is essential to ensuring that proper airflow keeps the system running. Take a moment to check the exterior of your outdoor system. Vegetation like bushes, tree branches, and even high grass can get your system clogged up and work unnecessarily harder.

Larger problems with your air conditioning unit can easily be ignored by regularly dusting off the debris around your system and just letting it breathe.

Clear Your Condensate Drain

Your air conditioner produces high levels of condensation that leave the system through its condensate drain. This drain can generally be found at the base of your unit and can easily become clogged. Fortunately, you can easily clear out this drain with a thin strip of pipe cleaner.

Replace Your Commercial AC Filters

This sounds like a simple fix, but you’d be surprised at the number of clients we meet whose problems stem from rarely or never changing out their air conditioner’s filters. In order to maintain healthy air quality at your place of business, your filters should be changed at least once a month.

Not only does replacing your air filter reduce the risk of dust and pollen residing in the air at your office, but this simple action also helps your unit run efficiently, and ultimately, saves your business money on its energy bills.

Schedule a Commercial AC Preventative Maintenance Visit

Most people begin prepping for the summer with scheduled spring maintenance. If you haven’t done yours yet, then now is the time to take action! Although most of the suggestions we’ve offered above are simple tasks you and your employees can tend to, it takes a real AC professional to dig into how well the inner workings of your unit are performing.

A maintenance visit from Advanced Home Comfort can help you out with technical adjustments and minor repairs that may be necessary for your unit. Keep your AC fine-tuned this summer with a maintenance call from a team that specializes in commercial units like yours.

Did You Miss Your Commercial AC Maintenance Window? Schedule Your AC Repair Today!

Maintenance is essential to your air conditioning unit, but sometimes even the essentials can slip by the most attentive property manager. If you’ve missed your maintenance window and have begun to hear strange noises coming from your vents or have had continuous problems with the quality of your cooling system, Advanced Home Comfort is ready to help you out. Our team of air conditioning specialists can work with you to schedule a visit and find out what needs to be repaired or replaced for your unit.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and set a time and date for our technicians to examine your commercial AC.