5 Tips for Getting Your HVAC Ready for Fall

Posted - September 14, 2021
Dallas HVAC Technician Doing Fall Maintenance

Although most of us are still running our air conditioning units to escape the heat, fall is still just around the corner. Despite the current warm weather, now is still the perfect time to get your HVAC unit geared up for the upcoming season.

You want your HVAC system to work for you all year long. So, here are some tips from the home health experts to keep your unit in shape as summer ends. 

  1. Check Your System’s Filters

You should always check your HVAC’s filters every few weeks. However, the season’s end is the perfect time to completely change out your filter for a new one. 

Experts recommend changing your filters every three months in order to ensure smooth system operations. Ignoring this simple maintenance task can lead to a clogged system, short cycling, and eventually an expensive replacement.

  1. Clean Your Exterior Unit

Many homes have an outdoor unit that powers their HVAC system. This needs to be cleaned twice a year.

Over time, dirt, debris, and leaves begin to accumulate on and around your exterior unit. If these contaminants are ignored, they’ll eventually work their way onto the coils of your system and inside the unit itself.

When this happens, your HVAC becomes less efficient and has to work overtime in order to properly cool or heat your home.

Fortunately, cleaning your exterior unit is simple. Either hire an HVAC maintenance crew to get the job done or invest in a coil cleaner and use a pressurized water hose to clean off the grime from your HVAC.

  1. Clean Your Ductwork

Your home’s ductwork keeps the air from your HVAC flowing smoothly. When your air ducts are blocked, your AC has to work harder and expends too much energy to remain efficient over time.

A great way to start cleaning out your vents and ducts is to make sure that no furniture blocks their entryways. Then take the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner and suction out the dust and particles that accumulated on your vents throughout the summer.

  1. Seal Off Any Air Leaks

Windows and doorways that create drafts may not be the biggest issue during the summer. However, once fall rolls through, drafty areas will bring discomfort and unexpected expenses due to wasted energy.

If you know you have drafty areas, a quick seal-up with caulk will help ensure that your HVAC functions normally as the weather cools down. 

  1. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Sometimes even the routine maintenance one can perform on their own isn’t enough to keep an HVAC system running efficiently. In order to avoid having an uncomfortable fall, it’s in your best interest to schedule an annual maintenance appointment towards the end of each summer.

An HVAC expert can not only clean out your unit but can also help detect any potential issues that could become expensive fixes down the line. If anything, a maintenance visit brings owners the peace of mind they need about the effectiveness of their HVAC system.

Meet Your Fall HVAC Needs With Advanced Home Comfort

If you know that you’ll need a little extra help prepping your HVAC for fall, let the home health professionals of Advanced Home Comfort help. We can perform any and all maintenance, repairs, and replacements your system requires.

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