5 Signs That It’s Time for Ductwork Replacement

Posted - October 15, 2021
Ductwork Replacement In Dallas Texas

Ductwork is the main component of your HVAC system that transfers air from your unit out of your vents that provide hot or cold air to your home.

Essentially, this is one of the most important systems for your home’s comfort and can cause some real problems if repairs and replacements go ignored.

Unfortunately, not every homeowner is privy to when it’s time for ductwork replacement and could end up overspending on their monthly energy bills or living at constantly uneven temperatures.

Here are the 5 obvious signs that it’s time to consider replacing your ductwork before the weather really starts cooling down.

1. The Age of Your Ductwork

Nothing lasts forever, and without maintenance, your ductwork could fail well before its estimated shelf life. Ductwork that undergoes annual maintenance can last between 10 and 15 years.

Regardless of how well you’ve treated your air ducts, if you know the system is older than 15 years, it’s time to reach out to Advanced Home Comfort for an in-depth inspection.

2. Noisy HVAC

It’s only natural for an HVAC system to make sounds. However, if you hear loud rattling from your vents or whistling sounds coming from your ductwork, there are two likely problems: holes in your ductwork or broken joints within your air duct’s system.

3. Your Air Ducts Are Punctured

If you can see visible dents and puncture marks in your ductwork, these are definite signs of repair or replacement

Air ducts that are damaged in these ways are unable to properly distribute air throughout a home and could cost your family a fortune in high monthly energy bills.

If you notice this problem, reach out to a local home health expert immediately. Our team at Advanced Home Comfort can quickly determine the extent of your problem and what proper steps we can take to get your ductwork back in shape.

4. Your Home is Unusually Dusty

Cleaning your air ducts isn’t something that can be done on your own. This is why so many homeowners simply forget to get their ductwork serviced annually.

Unfortunately, failure to get your ducts cleaned out will result in poor air quality that’s full of dust, dander, and in the worst case, mold spores.

If you find that you have a constantly dusty home or that you are always treating your allergies, your ductwork may be the problem.

5. You’ve Developed a Recent Pest Problem

Leaks and holes in your home’s ductwork can be an inviting entrance to outside pests like insects and rodents. If you keep having to get rid of pests in your home and have every possible entryway sealed up, reach out to Advanced Home Comfort to get your ductwork checked and possibly replaced.

Repair and Replace Your Ductwork Today, With Advanced Home Comfort

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms of failing ductwork, the team at Advanced Home Comfort can help. We specialize in ductwork repair, replacement, and the maintenance of all other systems that regulate your home’s temperature.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your home health evaluation with a member of our team.