5 Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Furnace Filter

Posted - January 12, 2022
Changing Furnace Filter for Furnace Maintenance in Dallas

Your HVAC’s air filter is one of the most important aspects of your system that keep the air within your home clean. Generally, you’ll want to change out your air filter every 90 days.

However, high or low temperatures during the various seasons can lead to the need for more frequent changes. So, our team at Advanced Home Comfort knows that while temperatures begin to drop and Dallas homeowners begin to turn the heat up, be on the lookout for these signs that your furnace’s air filter is ready for replacement.

Your Filter Is a Dirty Color

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to switch out your furnace’s air filter is its visible cleanliness. If you find that your filter is brown and covered in dust, it’s time to change it out before the dust and grime within the filter is circulated throughout your home causing respiratory issues to those living in the environment.

The Furnace Takes Longer to Heat Up

As the weather gets colder, homeowners will need their furnaces to heat up their homes as quickly as possible. However, a furnace with a dirty filter will have to work harder in the cold to bring the heat up to an adequate level.

If you find that your temperature levels are taking too long to rise, change out your filter before your furnace overworks itself into an early system replacement.

Your Furnace Produces Unpleasant Odors

Dusty or burning smells coming from your furnace are high indicators of both a dirty air filter and further problems with your furnace. The dusty smell means that your filter is so saturated with debris that it’s physically blowing through the air in your home.

However, a burning smell means that not only is your air filter in need of replacement, but your furnace is working so hard that its blower is overheating and creating an unpleasant smell. Ignoring this problem can lead to expensive repairs or unprecedented heating system replacements during the coldest months of the year.

You’re Cleaning Up More Dust Than Normal

As we’ve mentioned, a dirty filter will spread dust throughout your home. So, if you find that you’re constantly dusting off your furniture, switching out your air filter could save you some winter cleaning time and spare you the expense of heater repairs.

Higher Energy Bills

Finally, if your furnace is forced to work overtime because of a dirty filter, your household will experience higher than average energy bills. Fortunately, air filters are affordable to replace and your home can quickly return back to normal energy payments and efficient property heating.

Keep Your Air Quality Fresh in 2022 With Advanced Home Comfort

Have you changed out your furnace’s air filter and are you still experiencing issues with your HVAC system? There could be deeper problems at bay that are decreasing your air quality. The team at Advanced Home Comfort can perform furnace maintenance, repair, or replace HVAC units and other essential home systems.

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