5 Attic Ventilation Myths That Often Confuse Texas Homeowners

Posted - February 22, 2018
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There’s a lot of misinformation circulating about attic ventilation that can be confusing to the typical Plano, TX homeowner who’s looking to save on energy bills. To help clarify this confusing but important topic, let’s look at five of the most common myths you may have heard.

Don’t Believe these 5 Attic Ventilation Myths

Attic Ventilation Myth #1: Maximizing ventilation is good.

A lack of sufficient ventilation in the attic can lead to moisture problems in the winter and higher energy consumption during the summer months. Too much ventilation can cause other serious issues, though, such as water leaks and blowouts during a hurricane. To get the biggest benefit all year long, the attic should be assessed by a knowledgeable professional who can recommend what type and how many vents are required for balanced ventilation.

Attic Ventilation Myth #2: Roof vents boost cooling efficiency.

Having effective ventilation in an attic has a relatively small effect on yearly cooling costs. In fact, installing a radiant barrier and the correct amount of insulation on the floor of an attic plays a larger role in improving energy efficiency. Even the color of the roofing material and the amount of sun exposure can impact AC efficiency.

Attic Ventilation Myth #3: Attic ventilation causes winter heat loss.

When an attic is properly sealed and insulated, the amount of warm air rising up from a home’s interior is minimized. With the right type and amount of ventilation in place to keep excess moisture under control, heat gain from the sun beating down on the roof can even lower heating costs.

Attic Ventilation Myth #4: Lab test results are accurate performance metrics.

Research metrics on attic vents can’t provide a completely accurate measurement of performance, as they’re based on tests done in a lab setting. How different vents perform really depends on the weather and wind conditions where a home is located.

Attic Ventilation Myth #5: Roof vents provide ample ventilation.

Roof vents aren’t the ideal ventilation solution for every attic. There are various methods of ventilation available and each one operates differently. The type of ventilation chosen and how it’s installed will directly affect how much air movement is produced. The design of the roof is also a key factor in effective air circulation.

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