4 Smart Thermostat Features to Look For

Posted - September 18, 2019
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It’s nice to return to a cooled home after being out all day, knowing that you didn’t have to leave the air conditioning running at its coolest while you were gone. Installing a smart thermostat can do just that for you. All homeowners in Irving, Texas, should know which features to look for in a smart thermostat to best fit their cooling and heating needs.

Remote Access

An excellent smart thermostat feature is being able to control your heating and cooling from a remote location. You can connect your phone or computer to your thermostat through an app. That way you can better control the temperature and save energy while you’re away.

Voice Control

Another great feature available in some smart thermostats is voice control. With this feature, you don’t have to get up to control the HVAC system or even pull out your phone or computer. You can simply ask Siri, Alexa, or Google to change the temperature for you.

Thermostat Learning

Your thermostat will learn what temperatures you like at certain times of the day and automatically adjust the temperature for you. Additionally, your thermostat can use geofencing to sense when you have left your house and set itself to away mode. You can set your fence to be several hundred feet to a few miles, so if you have your thermostat app on your phone and it’s on, your thermostat will keep track of your phone to see if it has crossed the fence and will adjust itself accordingly.


If you spend time away from home, thermostat alerts are an especially useful feature if you have pets at home. If your town goes through a sudden heatwave, your thermostat can alert you when the temperature gets out of range. You can then adjust your settings to make sure your pet stays comfortable and safe while you’re away.

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