4 Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore Wet Attic Insulation

Posted - December 16, 2020
Dallas Attic Insulation Replacement & Repair for Water Damage

Your attic’s insulation is a key aspect of how your home’s temperature regulates itself and keeps your house comfortable. As a homeowner, the integrity of your insulation should be something at the top of your mind as we enter the rainy and sometimes snowy winter season.

If you know that your roof is older or may be in need of repair and a large storm hit, your insulation could be in peril.

Here are four key reasons why you should never ignore wet insulation and how Advanced Home Comfort can help with repairs and replacement.

1.  Wet Insulation Threatens Your Entire Structure

Whether you experience a pipe burst or your insulation was damaged in a recent storm, wet insulation is a problem for your entire building. This is a problem for two big reasons.

As moisture is absorbed throughout your insulation, it physically gets heavier. Over time this could lead to major structural collapses within your home.

Wet insulation also traps in moisture that, if left alone, can spread and lead to rot and collapsing throughout your roof and home.

2.  Trapped Moisture Often Leads to Early Roof Replacement

As we just mentioned, trapped moisture in your roof can damage your entire home, but it starts with your roof and attic insulation. Wet insulation will eventually degrade your entire roofing system and lead to the need of premature roof replacement.

Unfortunately, if your roof degrades because of moisture within insulation that rests under the roof, it’s likely that your roof replacement will not be covered by your roof’s warranty.

3.  Wet Insulation Leads to Energy Inefficiency

A healthy roofing system should always contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your home. However, if your insulation is soaked, your system is gravely ill. All of the energy that it is supposed to have been saved is now wasted.

In order for your home to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, your system will have to work harder because the thermal residence of your attic’s insulation has significantly degraded.

4.  Mold and Mildew can Quickly Develop

Mold and bacteria thrive on wet insulation and this can lead to a hazardous situation for your home. If you notice that the air quality has declined in your home, it’s time for a home health checkup because you may have some sopping wet insulation rotting within your home.

What Should You Do if Your Insulation is Flooded Out?

If you get an inspection and find that your insulation is, in fact, wet and failing, Advanced Home Comfort can help! We offer several home insulation options that can be used to repair or replace any insulation in your home that is causing comfort or air quality issues.

We currently offer home insulation assessments that can help us determine where replacement is needed and the type of insulation necessary to improve your home health.

Wring Out Your Wet Insulation Today With Advanced Home Comfort

If you know it’s time to get your insulation replaced in any part of your home, rely on the experts of Advanced Home Comfort for help. Contact us today to schedule an insulation assessment and overall home health inspection to ensure that your home is a comfortable one this winter.