4 Reasons to Schedule a Whole Home Evaluation

Posted - May 31, 2018
Whole Home Evaluation in Dallas

With summer temperatures right around the corner in Frisco, Texas, homeowners are looking to save money on energy costs without sacrificing their beloved air conditioning.

A home energy audit can be beneficial to the environment and your bottom line because it evaluates your home’s energy use and identifies deficiencies. Here are just a few reasons to schedule a whole-home evaluation.

Increased Home Comfort

A home energy evaluation allows your HVAC technician to review your home and recommend areas for improvement that can save you money. Sealing leaky ducts, replacing an outdated air conditioner, or adding insulation can go a long way toward making your Texas home cooler in the summer and toasty warm in the winter.

Lower Energy Bills

When you pinpoint areas where energy is escaping from your home, you can address issues of waste. Wasted energy escapes through leaky ductwork, poorly insulated walls, and old windows, causing you to crank up the air just to reach your desired temperature.

Having a home energy audit is a cost-effective investment in improving your home and making the most of the energy your HVAC produces.

Better for the Environment

When you use less energy, you contribute less pollution and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Saving money on energy bills is one thing, but knowing you are taking steps to safeguard the environment and reduce your carbon footprint is a whole different ball game.

Improved Resale Value

Did you know that an energy-efficient home has a greater resale value? If you are planning to sell your home within the next few years, investing in a home energy audit now can help maximize your asking price.

In fact, the average market value of a house increases by $20 for every $1 decrease in energy costs. Today’s homebuyers are considering a house’s operating expenses more than ever, so why not give yourself an edge in the market?

Don’t put off your home energy audit any longer.

Contact us or Schedule an appointment today for a money-saving home evaluation with Advanced Home Comfort. A home energy audit can be beneficial to the environment and your bottom line.