Top 3 Ways to Ensure Your Crawl Space is Summer-Ready

Posted - June 25, 2021
Flooded and Poorly Pumped Crawl Space

It’s clear that this summer’s heat is going to be one for the record books. So, make sure that your home stays cool enough to keep your family comfortable.

We’ve already discussed the importance of knowing when your AC is on the fritz and when to get help; but, your HVAC system isn’t the only one that keeps your home cool. 

Crawl spaces are a popular aspect of residential architecture in Texas. Although they are created to provide a physical space between the moist ground and your home itself, your crawl space also protects your home from the summer heat as the ground beneath your home starts to boil.

Here’s a closer look at how a poorly maintained crawl space can impact the temperature in your home, and how to prevent your crawl space from becoming a furnace.

How Can Your Crawl Space Create Problems This Summer?

Even during the summer months, moisture can still find its way into the soil beneath your home. If your crawl space is not maintained properly, the humidity within your crawl space can quickly become a mold and mildew problem that makes its way into your home.

Aside from this major problem, poor insulation or circulation of air within your crawl space can also lead to heat from the outside seeping into your home. As the temperature continues to rise inside, your HVAC system ends up working harder to keep the house cool. In turn, your home will experience higher than average energy bills due to a problematic crawl space.

3 Crawl Space Solutions from Advanced Home Comfort

Fortunately, keeping your crawl space cool is a relatively simple task with the right team behind repairs. Here are some ways that Advanced Home Comfort can help your home crawl space remain dry and at level temperatures this summer.

1. Vapor Barrier Installation

A vapor barrier is an easy-to-install plastic sheet that snugly rests over the ground and walls of your crawl space. Proper vapor barrier installation ensures that there aren’t any seams humidity can seep through. 

So, regardless of how moist the soil is beneath your home, your crawl space will remain dry and its temperature evenly regulated.

2. Insulation

If your crawl space is not insulated or has damaged insulation within, your home is definitely unprotected from the elements of the temperature. Heat and cool air can easily move in and out of your home, causing poor temperature regulation and increased energy costs.

Advanced Home Comfort can help ensure that your home’s floor joints are well insulated and that your cool air stays inside your home, where it should!

3. Crawl Space Fan Systems

In order for your crawl space to remain cool this summer, air needs to be circulated through the area. Our technicians can install a crawl space fan system that pushes both moisture and warmer air away from your home.

Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer With Advanced Home Comfort

If you know that your energy bills are higher than most summers, you could have a crawl space problem on your hands. The home health professionals of Advanced Home Comfort can quickly determine the source of your energy problems through our thorough home inspection.

We will take the time to examine your crawl space, attic insulation, and HVAC system, to find the root cause of wasted energy. From there, our team will create a swift solution that ensures your home will no longer have to struggle to stay comfortable this summer.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your inspection.