What are 3 Signs Your Frisco, TX Ducts Are Clogged?

Posted - February 25, 2018
Duct System Repair in Dallas

Keeping your HVAC system in top working order is vital to a comfortable home. One problem your system may eventually face is dirty or clogged air ducts. Accumulated dirt or clogged ducts cause the system to work harder, putting more strain on your system and contributing to a shorter system lifespan as well as requiring more in depth AC maintenance.

When your ducts’ effectiveness is compromised, you’ll want to know so you can prevent any damage from harming your system and damaging your air quality. Here are three signs your ducts are in need of attention and what you can do to fix them:

Dusty Vent Covers and Air Registers

You may have dusted off the surface of your vent covers and air registers, but that’s not enough. If there’s dust on the outside, there’s likely even more dust on the inside. You may be able to clean out some of the dust that you can see, but for hard-to-reach places, give us a call and let our team help you deep clean.

Dirty Air Filter

You should be checking your air filter often, at least once a month. A dirty, dust-filled air filter will cut off the air supply to your ducts and allow more dust and debris to settle within them. Keep in mind, though, that changing the air filter will not remove all of the dust and dirt that has settled in your ducts while the filter was clogged, especially if it was clogged for a long period of time.

Increase in Allergies

Having dirty ducts will have a detrimental effect on your air quality. Dust, dirt, and even mold buildup can make you sick and cause even those without bad allergies to experience congestion, sneezing, and headaches. If these kinds of symptoms persist longer than you would expect, it may be a sign that your ducts need to be cleaned to improve your home’s air quality.

If you are experiencing any of these clogged-duct symptoms in your Frisco, TX home, contact  us today. We’ll get your air quality back on top once again.