Maintaining your Highland Park, Texas, home’s heating and air conditioning system properly will extend its life, lower your utility bills, and make you and your family comfortable. You should be aware of common HVAC mistakes like not changing your air filter, putting your thermostat in the wrong place, or not using your ceiling fans.

Not Changing Your Air Filter

It’s easy to forget routine maintenance tasks like changing your HVAC system’s air filter. A dirty filter can block your system’s airflow and force it to work harder, increasing your utility bills. It can also spread contaminants like pollen, pet dander, dust, and dirt that could reduce your indoor air quality and cause allergy or asthma symptoms as well as other health problems.

Putting Your Thermostat in the Wrong Place

Your thermostat should be near the center of your home, away from windows or outer walls. Many homes have thermostats in the hallway or the living room. If your thermostat is near a warm or drafty area, your HVAC system will stay on longer than it should. It will make you too cold in summer and too hot in winter.

Not Using Your Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans can help you feel more comfortable and helps you avoid using your HVAC system too much. Fans can create a cooling breeze in summer. In winter, you can switch the direction of most models to pull air toward the ceiling instead. This keeps cold air from collecting near the floor and pushes the warm air collecting by the ceiling down, so you’ll feel warmer. You just need to remember to turn on your fan when you enter a room and then shut it off again when you leave. Fans are very efficient because they only need to operate in occupied rooms.

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