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AC Repair, Insulation & Home Energy Contractor in Dallas, Plano & Frisco

Advanced Home Comfort is equipped to assist with all your residential and small business HVAC, attic, crawlspace, duct work and insulation needs throughout Dallas and the surrounding areas. We serve home and business owners in Highland Park, Plano, Richardson, Frisco, University Park, Health, Rockwall, Rowlett, and Wylie, Texas.

You have a lot of choices for your HVAC and home comfort needs in the Dallas area, but we pride ourselves on standing well above the competition. Choose Advanced Home Comfort and you’ll enjoy:

Why Advanced Home Comfort

At Advanced Home Comfort, we focus on all aspects of home comfort, delivering solutions that make your home healthier, safer, and more energy-efficient. We’re proud to be a fully trained and trusted home energy specialist in the greater Dallas area, offering professional HVAC repairs, system upgrades, insulation services, attic and crawlspace care, and more.

You’ll enjoy legendary service with Advanced Home Comfort. We provide the best customer service by training and empowering our employees to satisfy our valued customers without compromise. We operate our business with impeccable integrity in our dealings with customers, employees, code officials, and suppliers.

NATE Certified Comfort Specialists

Outstanding Customer Service

Open Lines Of Communication

Impeccable Integrity

Comprehensive Building Science Solutions

Quality Trane Products


More than 40 percent of the air you breathe on the first floor of your home comes from your crawlspace or basement, but you may not be aware of what’s lurking down there. Crawlspaces are susceptible to issues with inadequate drainage, improper venting, poor sealing, and high humidity. We offer a full suite of solutions that can address all these issues, leaving you with a space that’s clean, dry, and perfectly safe for your home to rest upon.

Our assessment representatives, comfort specialists, and install crews are fully-trained and certified to take on the problems you are experiencing in your home. All employees maintain an open line of communication, so our clients feel at ease throughout the process. If you’re looking to create an energy efficient, comfortable and healthy home, you’ve found the right contractor. When it comes to improving your home’s environment, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We take a holistic approach to building science, developing personalized solutions for each home. In many cases, servicing a single component in the home will only solve a small portion of the overall problem. We can address every aspect of your home environment for a comprehensive solution that will improve your quality of life and lower your ongoing costs.

We offer a complete range of services including:

Home Energy Evaluation

There are many things to consider when you’re looking at home energy consumption. Our home energy evaluations offer a well-rounded look at the science behind your home’s health. This service includes a thermographic inspection of the home, blower door testing, evaluation of your utility bills, and more to help you pinpoint key areas where you can improve your home’s indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Our attic-to-crawlspace solutions will help you improve your home environment from the ground up, for a thorough approach to your health and comfort.

Duct Work Solutions

Our HVAC duct work and indoor air quality solutions are available not only to residential customers, but to small businesses in our service area as well. Duct work repair, cleaning and sealing all add up to more efficient heating and cooling, plus cleaner air. We can help you with all your indoor air quality needs. Improved indoor air quality is associated with fewer sick days and better productivity in the office. Make sure your home and business environment is a space where everyone can breathe easy with clean, healthy air.


Air Conditioning

The best way to prevent problems with an air conditioning system is to schedule regular maintenance visits. We offer preventive tune-ups to help address potential issues before they start, as well as prompt repair services when something does go wrong. Our NATE-certified comfort specialists are on hand for fast air conditioning service when you start to feel the heat.


Regular heating system maintenance will keep your furnace or heat pump in prime condition, so it enjoys lower utility costs, fewer repairs, and a longer lifespan. When repairs are necessary, our staff is available for prompt visits, so you don’t have to worry about suffering from an unwelcome chill during cold weather months.

Trane HVAC products.


We offer high-end attic solutions that address all aspects of this tricky area. We’ll assess your insulation and sealing in the attic to make sure it’s not acting as a gathering space for heat in winter or damaging your cooling efficiency in summer. Since we offer a comprehensive range of home comfort solutions, we can also address issues with ductwork in your attic, including leak repair, insulation improvement, and balancing. If you’re not sure where to start, our home energy evaluations will carefully assess your attic for helpful recommendations.

What our customers are saying


Exceeded Expectations

“I’m taking the time to review advanced home comfort because I had the best experience with them I had Julio Pablos coming to my house to diagnose my A/C he was very professional and very honest with everything we now have new ducts and a whole new system, my house it’s nice and cold I me and my family are happy.”

– Kasey D.


Knowledgeable and Thorough

“I could not be happier with the work that Advanced has done on our house. The person was the most honest sales rep I have ever worked with. Their price are fair, their advice is honest and their work is excellent. Their service after the sale has also been excellent. I did a good deal of research and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking better air quality for their family’s health.”

– Buster C.


Prompt and Professional

“We used Advanced Home Comfort, worked with Brian, to have our crawl space encapsulated and to properly vent our attic. The crew was professional, courteous and did a very good job. They cleaned up everything and came back promptly when I had a question about the venting. I would definitely recommend this company.”

– Alyson N.


Insulation is an essential feature for an energy-efficient home. Though insulation’s primary purpose is to keep your home’s heating and cooling inside and prevent air from escaping, a well-insulated home will also have fewer pollutants and unwelcome visitors like rodents or insects. Our spray foam insulation application is quick, easy, and effective. This is an essential component in any well-managed home, and a critical part of the comprehensive home solutions that we offer.

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