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Reviewed By: Erm M
Location: Lewisville, TX

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Comment Well, words cannot express how happy I am with Advanced Home Comfort. I had five different service technicians in my house today because my ac has been out since yesterday afternoon. Bids ranged from $9000 to $14000, everything from switches, control panels, heat loads, and system replacement. However, no one really came in to assess the issue, they all came in to sell me a replacement system for my 17 year old original equipment EXCEPT Julio Pablo. He ran tests, he analyzed results, and he asked a lot of questions. He was the only one who searched for the root cause of our ac system issues without jumping to conclusions. What did he find?
There was an issue on the high voltage side of the system. As he began to test the system he decided that he would start with the power. He went in to the 130 degree attic (again) tapped on the wall switch (that turns off the power to the furnace for servicing) and what did he find? The switch sparked, caused the unit to shut down and restart indicating the wall switch had a short in it.
I went to Lowe's, bought a wall switch for $2.97 plus tax and replaced the switch in only a few minutes. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!
I spent $500 in service fees to find a $3 solution. $14,000 vs $3??? I win but not without the expertise and professionalism of Julio Pablo from Advanced Home Comfort.
Would I recommend them???? To everyone and anyone who will listen.
Thank you Advanced Home Comfort for having a great employee like Julio Pablo on your team!!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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