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Crawlspace Repair in Plano, Texas

This Plano, TX homeowner was constantly dealing with problems in the area underneath his home, like mold growth, water entering the crawlspace and rodents. He wanted to make his home more comfortable and energy efficient, so he called Advanced Home Comfort to properly insulate this dark, dank crawl space.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Smart pump

Sump Pump with Drain Tile to eliminate water from outside entering the crawlspace

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Crawlspace before

The outside ground level is higher than the crawlspace floor. If you walk around the perimeter of the home, you will notice that most of the vents are uneven to the ground level.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Crawl Space with issues

Most homes are not built on completely level ground. If water is entering from under the foundation, it can erode areas and create a ground slope. Incoming water can further erode the crawlspace floor causing potential structure damage and standing water at the bottom of the slope.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Vent seal

Sealing the foundation vents and other outside air leaks in order to eliminate moisture from entering the crawlspace.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery


The dehumidifier will pull out the ongoing moisture and keep the crawlspace conditioned