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Crawslpace Repair in Dallas, Texas

A home in Dallas, TX had some trouble in the crawl space. There was no sump pump, and lots of water everywhere. Advanced Home Comfort was called out and we were able to fix all of the homeowner's issues, and they were very pleased with the outcome.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

CleanSpace vapor barrier

Our patented CleanSpace liner was installed on the floor and sealed with water proof tape. We wrapped the plastic around the piers as well. This ensures a 100% sealed ground coverage and stops the vast majority of ground moisture from entering the crawlspace.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Sump Pump

This is the Smart Sump Used by Advanced Home Comfort, it has an airtight lid, water watch alarm, and floor drain to catch water from plumbing leaks.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Water in Crawlspace

During times of large amounts of rain, water entered the crawlspace. The water stands for awhile and flows down the slope which increases the crawlspace floor erosion.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Old Rotten Contractor Grade Vapor Barrier

The 6mil vapor barrier in this home's crawlspace has aged and is rotten in some areas due to standing water over large periods of time.