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Crawlspace Encapsulation Dallas, TX

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home; This Dallas Homeowner had tons of issues in the crawlspace and she decided to get her home comfortable again, she called Advanced Home Comfort

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

100% Sealed Crawlspace Floor Coverage

The Advanced Home Comfort Installation Team installed a 20mil vapor barrier. 20mil plastic can be installed on the floor and sealed with water proof tape. We did wrap the plastic around the piers as well. This will give the homeowner a 100% sealed ground coverage and will stop the vast majority of ground moisture entering the crawlspace.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Old Ductwork

Advanced Home Comfort's Home Specialist Brian C. did a full ductwork evaluation to see where the air flow needs to go. There were ducts that have been capped off and some that have been removed. Both Brian and the Homeowner decided that replacing the ductwork was the best solution

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

New Ductwork

The entire ductwork was replaced creating better airflow, now the AC unit does not have to run as hard as it was.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Water entering the crawlspace

The above photo will show you the results of what happens when the foundation walls have outside ground pushing against it. Water in ground is entering the crawlspace from under the foundation and through the foundation wall (bricks). Ground water entering the crawlspace is causing perimeter erosion around the foundation walls.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Old Sump Pump

Old sump not working, not preventing water form entering the crawlspace

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

NEW Sump pump

The best solution to stop the water is to gather it before it enters the crawlspace and push it out. To do this, we placed drain tiles around the perimeter to gather the water before it comes in the crawlspace. The water then flows from the drain tiles into a large bucket that contains a sump pump. Once the bucket reaches a certain level; it automatically turns on the sump pump and sends the water out of the crawlspace. This will stop water from entering the crawlspace, halt further floor erosion, stop future structure damage and eliminate standing water.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Ground Moisture

This crawlspace didn't have a vapor barrier on the ground which was causing ground moisture.