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Attic insulation in Dallas, TX

This Dallas, TX homeowner decided to make her home comfortable, so she called the experts, Advanced Home Comfort.

Upon arrival, our Home Comfort Specialist began talking with the homeowner and she explained to him the issues and concerns with her home; Rooms very hot in the summer and extra cold in the winter, High energy bills and HVAC system running constantly.

The above photos show the condition of the attic and what Advanced Home Comfort did to make this Dallas, TX home comfortable!

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

New duct

Some of the duct was replaced, and the whole attic was air sealed

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Duct Work

Air duct in bad shape, not well insulated, causing the hot attic air to change the cool air temperature from the air conditioner

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Attic Insulation

This attic has a low R-Value (resistance to heat) and is not blocking the heat from escaping from the living area of the home. The insulation is not thick enough to stop cold air from entering the living area during the cooler months. This insulation is the original with some more insulation added on top at a later time.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Can lights with light visible from inside of the home

There are numerous openings in the attic that are allowing conditioned air to exit the living area. The air escaping is a major contributor to the stack effect of the home. Warm air in the attic is pulling conditioned air through the openings as it exits the vents. The home has 70 can lights that are not sealed.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

New Insulation

The old insulation was removed, attic cleaned and sealed, and new cellulose insulation was blown-in.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Who doesn't like storage space?

A new deck was installed to provide the homeowner with extra storage space in the attic. 4 inch SilverGlo foam board was installed under the deck to insure proper insulation.