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Attic Insulation and Ductwork in Dallas, TX

The worst feeling is to be uncomfortable in your own home, that's how this Dallas Homeowner was feeling, until she gave Advanced Home Comfort a call

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

New Look

Foam board insulation was installed as well as a super deck system, this will allow the Homeowner to have access to extra storage space while keeping her comfortable in her home.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Old Attic Insulation

First things first ... Our Home Comfort Consultant, Brian Carr, started by assessing the attic, and found lots of different issues that the Homeowner was not aware of, like low insulation show in the above photo.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Low Insulation R-value

This attic has a low R-Value (resistance to heat) and is not blocking the heat from escaping from the living area of the home. The insulation is not thick enough to stop cold air from entering the living area during the cooler months. Soffit vents are coverd with insulation which is limiting proper ventilation. Insulation, soffit ventilation and decking are all 3 directly related to the attics R-Value.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Air System and Ductwork

This photo shows that some ducts are pinched, which decreases air flow. The duct system in this house is not structured to maximize air flow with the least amountof stress on the air handler while distributing that air evenly to each room according to the room size.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Insulation removal and air sealing

The production team started out by removing the old insulation, and then they sealed all the open penetrations as well as can light covers and top plates. This step is very important and will ensure that no conditioned air will leak out of the living space into the attic. The only time this operation can be done is when all the insulation is removed.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

Redesigned Duct system

The ductwork system was redesigned which will help tremendously in delivering better air flow without overworking the air handling unit.

Dallas, TX Crawlspace Photo Gallery

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