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Jesus Castillo

Master Installer

Jesus has been working in the heating and air conditioning industry for the past 10 years. He has been on the Advanced Home Comfort team for several years now. He enjoys the well-rounded experience he gets in his day to day activities. On his off time he likes to spend as much time with his family and friends.

Jesus Castillo-Master Installer
Jesus Castillo-Master Installer
Jobs Completed by Jesus Castillo

John P.
Dallas, TX

June 23, 2017
Solution Provided: Our production team built a storage room in the attic from scratch using OSB sheets, and insulated the outside walls and the ceiling with Spray Foam insulation which has proven to be the best type of insulation for this application.

John P.
Dallas, TX

May 12, 2017
Solution Provided: Instead of sealing the ductwork the conventional way, we spray foamed the ductwork. Spray foam seals the ductwork, helps the HVAC unit run less harder, makes the home more comfortable and more energy efficient. In addition to that, we removed the old insulation, sealed all open penetrations (which prevents rodents from entering the attic) and installed blown in Cellulose insulation

Will H.
Mckinney, TX

March 31, 2016
Solution Provided: We removed all the old fiberglass insulation, sealed all open penetrations, installed SilverGlo and radiant barrier. Now the house is much more comfortable and energy efficient.