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Eddie Martinez

Master Installer

Eddie has been working on heating and cooling systems for many years. He has been with Advanced Home Comfort for over 4 years. His job is to monitor and make sure the heating and cooling systems as well as attic insulation are properly installed per manufacture specifications. He likes everything about his job, and likes to spend as much time as possible with his family.

Jobs Completed by Eddie Martinez

Suzanne H
Dallas, TX

May 6, 2016
Solution Provided: The main source of the musty smell in the house was the standing water in the crawlspace as well as mosquito nests. We began by cleaning out the whole crawlspace, and we installed a french drain system. Drainage pipes were installed around the entire perimeter of the crawlspace to gather outside groundwater that leads to a Sump Pump, which in return, pushes the water out of the crawlspace.