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Case Studies: Crawlspace Repair in Dallas, TX


This home inDallas, TX had a crawlspace with different issues; Crawlspace fungus which was caused by the moist air rising into the floor joists; Water in  the crawlspace; Vapor Barrier and Ground Moisture and overall high moisture. The Homeowners were never comfortable in their own home, the house never stays warm and air feels like it escapes to the crawlspace. Different contractors have tried to help over the years. 


The Advanced Home Comfort Team started out by draining the Crawl space and removing the vapor barrier. To stop the water from entering the crawl space, we placed drain tiles around the perimeter to gather the water before it comes in the crawlspace, the water then flows from the drain tiles into a large sump pump. This stops water from resting in the crawlspace, halt further floor erosion, stop future structure damage and eliminate standing water. To remove fungus, we use the Mold-X Cleaner that provides an effective tool for the cleaning of contaminated building surfaces. We then installed our patented CleanSpace vapor barrier. 

Project Summary

Home Comfort Specialist: Brian Carr

Crawlspace Repair in Dallas, TX

The 6mil vapor barrier in this home's crawlspace has aged and is rotten in some areas due to standing water. 6mil vapor barriers rot with time but this much rot happens when large amounts of standing water gathers on the barrier for long periods of time.

Crawlspace Repair in Dallas, TX

During times of large amounts of rain, water is entering the crawlspace. The water stands for awhile and flows down the slope which increases the crawlspace floor erosion.

Crawlspace Repair in Dallas, TX

This is the Sump Pump Used by Advanced Home Comfort, it has a sealed lid, water watch alarm, and floor drain. Watch:

Crawlspace Repair in Dallas, TX

12mil vapor barrier. 12mil plastic can be installed on the floor and sealed with water proof tape. We wraped the plastic around the piers as well. This ensures a 100% sealed ground coverage and stops the vast majority of ground moisture entering the crawlspace.