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Case Studies from Advanced Home Comfort

Case Studies: Crawl Space Encapsulation in Plano, TX

This Plano, TX Homeowner was constantly dealing with problems in the area underneath his home, like mold growth, water entering the crawlspace and rodents. He wanted to make his home more comfortable and energy efficient, so he called Advanced Home Comfor

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Case Studies: Crawlspace Encapsulation, Dallas, TX

Each house is different, but some issues are found in common in the majority of the homes, like, crawlspace fungus, moisture, standing water and rodents.

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Case Studies: Attic decking, Dallas, TX

The homeowner needed a pathway installed that leads from the attic access to the 2 HVAC units on the other side of the attic to make it easy for them to access to change the filters and to service.

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Case Studies: Crawlspace Repair in Dallas, TX

This home in Dallas, TX had a crawlspace with different issues; Crawlspace fungus which was caused by the moist air rising into the floor joists; Water in the crawlspace; Vapor Barrier and Ground Moisture and overall high moisture.

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Attic Renovation in Dallas, TX

This Homeowner in Dallas was looking to make their home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and needed more storage space in their attic. The home was experiencing lots of air leakage

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